Thursday, March 04, 2010

FFA Week

This past week the Newark FFA chapter celebrated with many other chapters around the U.S. the national FFA week. On Monday we had Green-hand day and chapter t-shirt day. We had the green-hands dye their hand green to show the rest that they were new members of the FFA and then some of the officers participated in sharing the FFA with the community by making ice cream with the 1st grade at Lisbon and the 2nd grade in Newark. On Tuesday we had tractor apparel day and pork burger lunch. We had a great turnout for the community and the school. The community had a chance to come and get their lunch before the school. It was great to have so many people help the FFA and enjoy their lunch. On Wednesday we had drive your tractor to school and boots and shorts day. On this day even the people that weren’t in FFA participated and had a good time with this day. It tried to show the school that you don’t have to be an FFA kid to have a good time with FFA week. Also on Wednesday the officers also went to the 8th grades in Millbrook and Lisbon. The let over pizza was then sold at lunch for the rest of the high schoolers. On Thursday the chapter then held a petting zoo. The community was also able to stop by the school along with grade school kids to see horses, calves, goats, pigs, and a lizard. Everyone that came seemed to have a great time looking and petting the animals. Since there was no school on Friday the FFA members had a movie night and game night which was a great wrap up for the great week. The purpose of FFA Week is to try and give back to the community and tell people what FFA is all about. During the week each of the officers shared a special FFA fact to share the FFA story. All together the week was very successful and I believe we helped share what FFA is and how agriculture is needed.

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