Wednesday, October 17, 2012

2012-2013 Greenhand Officers Elected

The Introduction to Agriculture Industry class elected the Greenhand Officers for the 2012-2013 school year.  Members elected were:
President- Eli Williamson
Vice-President- Mitchell Schmidt
Secretary- Shelby Hoddy
Treasurer- Emily Oldenburg
Sentinel- Justin Ayers
Chaplain- Seth Larson

Newark FFA Alumni Association Meeting

FFA Alumni play a very important part in keeping agricultural education and FFA programs in our local schools. FFA relies on its alumni to garner support for FFA from their local communities, raise funds for chapter activities and scholarships, assist at FFA leadership camps and conferences, and much more.

            Anyone who believes in the importance of FFA and agricultural education can be a member of the National FFA Alumni association.  Even if you never wore a blue jacket yourself, you’re welcome to join us as we prepare students for a brighter future.

            The Newark FFA Alumni Association will be holding a meeting Monday, November 26th at 7 pm in the Newark Community High School Ag Room.  We will be having Jim McCray the Illinois FFA Alumni President and who is the National FFA Alumni President come and speak to members about how the alumni can benefit the school and your students.  If you have questions or interested in joining and cannot make the meeting contact Joe Steffen at 815-695-5164 ext. 228 or at

Newark FFA Toy Show

The Newark FFA along with the Kendall County Young Farmers is having the 25th annual Toy Show, November 18th, at the Newark Community High School. The gym and several other rooms will be filled with farm toys, other toys and craft items. Doors open at 9 a.m. and the show will run until 2 p.m. Toys old and brand new will be able to be purchased from many dealers around the Midwest and just in time for Christmas.  There is something for everyone from the casual collector to the diehard farm toy fan, little kids to 'Big kids'. For more information contact Joe Steffen @815-695-5164 ext. 228.

Poinsettia Sales

Newark FFA will be selling poinsettias again this year. They will be $10 each and there are many kinds available. Red, white, pinks and speckled to name a few. They will be available after Thanksgiving. The poinsettias will be foil wrapped and bowed when purchased.

Newark FFA Fruit Sales

During the month of November the Newark FFA members will be having their annual Fruit, Cheese and Sausage Fundraiser. The sale began November 1st and will continue until November 26th. Mr. Steffen needs all orders by 8 a.m. on November 26th. Orders can be made with any Newark FFA Member or you may call Mr. Steffen at 815-695-5164 ext 228. List of fruit and prices are on the FFA website: and orders can be emailed to Mr. Steffen at

Delivery will be December 10th @ 3p.m.

Each Mixed fruit gift boxes contains: navel oranges, ruby red grapefruit, red delicious, golden delicious, granny smith, Fuji, breaeburn, and honey crisp Apple(s), D' Anjou pears, Bosc pears, and peppermint candies.

Item #1--Small Mixed Fruit Box (Approx 14 lbs. 24-30 ct.) $26.00
Item #2--Holiday Twin Gift Pack  (Approx.(2) 10 lbs. 15-20 ct.) $36.00
Item #3--Tropical Mixed fruit box (Approx 24 lbs. 30-35 ct.) $36.00
Each Tropical fruit mixed box contains: the contents of the Mixed fruit box plus a pineapple.
Item #4--Triple Treat Gold (Premium Gold Pineapples 3 ct.) $18.00

Apples and Pears
Item #5--Red Delicious Apples ( 40-44ct.) $28.00
Item #6--Golden Delicious Apples (40-44 ct.) $28.00
Item #7--Granny Smith Apples (40-44 ct.) $28.00
Item #8--Mixed apples (Red, Golden, Fuji, Braeburn 40-44 ct.) $30.00
Item #9--Apple and Pear Combo (red, Golden, Granny Smith, Fuji, Braeburn apples and D'Ajou Pears 36-44ct.) $30.00
Item #10--D' Anjou Pears (22-30 ct) $19.00

Citrus Fruits
Item #11-- Navel Oranges (small Box 24-44 ct.) $21.00
Item #12--Navel oranges (large box 48-88 ct) $30.00
Item #13--Ruby Red Grapefruit (small box 18-24 ct.) $20.00
Item #14--Ruby Red Grapefruit (large Box 36-48 ct.) $26.00
Item #15--Tangelos (small box 40-60 ct) $21.00
Item #16--Citrus Combo (8-10 ct Grapefruit, 16-20 ct. Oranges) $24.00

Cheese and Sausage
Item A. Beef Sausage Combo-(3-16oz. Garlic Salami, Old Fashioned Summer sausage, Double smoked summer sausage) $25.00
Item B. Beef Sticks- (2.5 lb. bag) $25.00
Item C. Snack Pack ( 8 oz beef sticks, 4oz string cheese, 2 oz. Dried beef slices, 4 oz. honey ham sticks, 4 oz pepperoni sticks,4  pkgs or honey roasted peanuts, 4 biscoff cookies) $24.00
Item D. Gourmet Combo (16oz. Garlic Salami, 16 oz. double smoked summer sausage, 8 oz. sharp cheddar cheese, 8 oz Monterey jack cheese, 8 oz Colby jack cheese) $26.00
Item E. Party Pack (16oz. Garlic Salami, 16 oz. double smoked summer sausage, 8 oz beef sticks, 8 oz. sharp cheddar cheese, 8 oz Monterey jack cheese, 16 oz Sharp Cheddar Cheese Spread, 15 oz Garden Vegetable Cheese spread, 4.75 oz honey mustard) $39.00
Item F. Snack Pack Trio ( 8 oz beef sticks, 8 oz honey ham sticks, 8 oz pepperoni sticks) $23.00
Item G. 16 oz Sharp cheddar Cheese Crock $21.00
Item H. Cheese Combo Pack (8 oz. sharp cheddar cheese, 8 oz Monterey jack cheese, 8 oz Colby jack cheese, 8 oz. Salami Cheese, 8 oz Hot pepper cheese) $25.00
Item I. Cheese Lover's Pick (16 oz. sharp cheddar cheese, 16 oz Monterey jack cheese, 16 oz Colby jack cheese) $25.00
Item J. Cheese Spread Cups (16oz Sharp Cheddar, Garlic and Herb, and 15 oz Garden Vegetable cold pack cheese spread cups) $25.00

We also have the Carmel Corn, English Toffee Corn, Cheddar Cheese Corn and French Vanilla Corn for sale too at $10 per box.