Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Newark FFA Greenhouse Sales

The Newark FFA will be having their annual plant sale starting April 29th.  Hanging Baskets, Potted annuals, vegetables and flats are available for sale.  The sale dates are April 29, 30,May 1, 2, 3 from 3-5pm; Saturday May 4th from 8-12pm; May 7,8, and 10 from 3-5pm; Saturday May 11 from 8-2pm.  After these dates watch for signs in the area for when the Greenhouse will be open.  A list of plants will be on the Newark FFA Website http://newarkffachapter.blogspot.com



Bell pepper- Declaration

Tomato- Pony Express-Paste

Tomato- Primo Red- Cluster

Tomato- Defender- Large- Extra Large Fruit

4 packs

Tomato- Cambells Tomato

Broccoli- Packman




4 packs/ 48 plant Flats

Ageratum- ‘Hawaii Blue’

Begonia- ‘Cocktail Vodka’

Begonia- ‘Cocktail Whiskey’

Dianthus- ‘Super Parfait Raspberry’

Dianthus- ‘Telstar Mix’

Dusty Miller ‘Silverdust’

Lobelia- “Regatta Marine Blue’

Petunia- ‘Dreams Midnight’

Petunia- Dreams Red’

Petunia- Dreams White’

Portulaca- ‘Sundial Mix’

Vinca- ‘Pacifica Xp Punch’



4” pot

New Guinea Impatiens- ‘Sonic Deep Red’

New Guinea Impatiens- ‘Sonic Sweet Purple’

New Guinea Impatiens- ‘ Harmony Orange Star’

Sweet Potato- “Blackie’

Sweet Potato- ‘Bright Lights Light Green’

Sweet Potato- ‘Sidekick Black Heart’


Salvia- ‘Black and Blue’

Bacopa ‘Scopia Gulliver White’

Coleus- ‘Kong Rose’

Coleus- ‘Kong Scarlet’

Coleus- ‘Pineapple Splash’

Coleus- ‘Pink Ruffles’

Coleus- ‘Alligator Tears’

Coleus- ‘Keystone Kopper’

Cordyline (spike) ‘Red Star’

Petunia- ‘Ray Black’

Petunia- ‘Ray Sunflower’

Euphorbia- ‘Diamond Frost’

Supertunia- ‘Double Dark Blue’

Supertunia- Double Peppermint’

Supertunia- ‘Raspberry Blast’

Intensia- ‘Star Bright’

Helichrsyum- ‘Licorice Splash’

Lobelia- ‘Lucia Dark Blue’

Lantana- ‘Citrus Blend’

Nemesia- ‘Sunatia Lemon’

Osteospermum- ‘Orange Symphony’

Osteospermum- ‘Soprano Purple’

Impatiens- ‘Rockapulco Orchid’

Supertunia- ‘Royal Velvet’

Superbells- ‘Cherry Star’

Superbells- ‘Coralberry Punch’

Superbells- ‘Lemon Slice’

Superbells- ‘Sweet Tart’

Superbells- ‘Yellow Chiffon’

Superbena- ’Large Lilac Blue’

Supertunia- ‘Royale Peachy Keen’

Supertunia- ‘Vista Fushia’

Supertunia- ‘White Russian’

Isolepsis- ‘ Live Wire’

Dracaena- ‘Indivisa’ (Spike)

Ganzania- ‘New Day Mix’

Gerbera- ‘ Festival Complete Mix’

Sweet Potato- ‘Tri color’

Angelina- ‘Deep Plum’

Asparagus Fern

Vinca- ‘Vinca Major’














Spider Plant

Wandering Jew

Tahitian Bridal Veil

Peruvian Ivy

Swedish Ivy


Double impatiens

Raspberry Lemonade

Just Peachy

Lemon Slice

Santa Bells

Citrus Fire

Banana Colada