Friday, September 03, 2010

Vintage Baseball

This year, Newark celebrated it’s 175th birthday, and to honor that we had a week long Fourth of July celebration. Each night a different part of the community would do something, and Wednesday, June 29, was FFA Night. To start the night we had a steak dinner at Townhouse Park, followed by a vintage baseball game. FFA Alumni members, as well as FFA member’s parents participated in the baseball game. The opposing team was the Somonauk Blue Stockings.
As many people watched, they realized how different the rules are now. Players were not allowed to use gloves, and if they did anything offensive they were fined up to 25 cents. During the game, FFA Members sold Cracker Jacks, snow cones, and FFA apparel to spectators.
Vintage baseball is very different from the baseball we play today. The rules are different, and in many ways it’s harder. Even though the Newark team lost, they all had fun, and the fans cheered in encouragement. The night was full of laughing and cheering, and many of the townspeople came to eat or watch the game. It was a great success, and everyone is looking forward to another baseball game in the future.

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