Monday, August 03, 2009


Here is an update of actions that happened in Springfield about Career and Technical Education and the Agriculture Education Funding. On July 21st the Illinois State Board of Education passed its FY10 budget which was a budget with approximately 50% fewer funds for grants than FY09. Cuts were inevitable for most grant programs. The Agricultural Education line item in the ISBE budget was funded at a 50% level ($1,690,600). The Career and Technical Education line item was funded at 100% ($38,562,100), which is level funding compared to FY09. As indicated by the board, maintenance of effort (matching federal funds) was the key to level funding for CTE. Many other line items (33) were cut altogether (100%).While the good news is the Agricultural Education line item was included in the FY10 budget, the reality is the line item still experienced a 50% cut compared to FY09.
Governor Quinn just announced on July 31 what areas will be receiving additional money at the governor’s discretion. In these additional funds the governor gave more money to the Illinois State Board of Education. Because the board has more money, additional funds have been added to the Ag Ed line item! These additional funds push us to approx. 90% of the previous budget! That's right the Ag Ed Line Item is now Approx 90% funded!
With the CTE (high school) line item 100% funded and the Ag Ed line item 90% funded, Ag Education in Illinois can keep training the leaders of tomorrow for another year!
The Ag Ed line item and the CTE line item were well represented at the budget meeting by teachers, parents and students throughout the process. The sharing of your successes and voicing of your concerns was appreciated. Congratulations to everyone for all of your hard work! Thank-you for many of you who asked about the status of funding at the Kendall County Fair it showed the students that citizens in the Newark area and surrounding communities care about Agriculture Education. However I haven't heard of the status for the College level CTE line item. Please, write to Governor Quinn and thank him for his support of Education and the Ag Ed Line Item!

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